Privacy Policy

Alphagreeen Resources is committed to keeping the personal information of its customers, contacts, employees, and associates accurate, confidential, secure and private.A list of our customers along with any data collected in the process of our collaboration is strictly used for our own private in-house use, for serving the customers in a timely an efficient way and for tractability purposes.The list and any other information are kept completely confidential at all times.We do not and will not sell, trade or otherwise distribute any data for any reason whatsoever.

Legal Statement

Alphagreen Resources provides empty gelatin and vegetable capsules to be encapsulated with legal herbs, vitamins and food supplements only.Never encapsulate empty capsules with illegal drugs or other illegal substances. Do not attempt to encapsulate pharmaceutical drugs or over-the-counter medications without proper training, credentials, and precise measuring equipment.Alphagreen Resources assumes no responsibility or liability for the misuse of the product(s), and we reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone we suspect of attempting to purchase the products for the purpose of encapsulating illegal substances, or legal substances without proper credentials.

Payment Options

We accept electronic transfer and PayPal payment. You can also pay by Certified Check or Money Order.If paying by Certified Check or Money Order, your order will be shipped immediately upon receipt of the check. Make your check or money order payable to Alphagreen Resources.We will accept personal checks but it will delay delivery by 10-14 business days.