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Reelin Protein Supplements: A Promising Path to Neurological Health

Scientific research has taken several different paths as a result of the desire to preserve and improve brain health and cognitive performance. The Reelin protein stands out among the many substances...


How to Sell Natural Health Products on Amazon or Other Online Platforms in Canada

What is an NHP? Under the Natural Health Products Regulations, which came into effect on January 1, 2004, natural health products (NHPs) are defined as: Probiotics Herbal remedies Vitamins and...

Understanding Therapeutic & Non-Therapeutic Claims

What is a claim? A claim is a representation for sale. It can be presented as “a word, a sentence, a picture, a symbol, a paragraph or an implication on product labels, package inserts or...

Guidance for Cosmetic Advertising and Labelling Claims

Health Canada defines Cosmetics as any substance or mixture of substances manufactured, sold or represented for use in cleansing, improving or altering the complexion, skin, hair or teeth, and...

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Drugs Regulatory in Canada

Non-prescription drugs, also called over-the-counter drugs, are health products that can be bought without a doctor’s prescription. Canada regulates non-prescription drugs to: Non-prescription...



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