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Handling Complains and Recalls

Handling Complains and Recalls

As much as all the parties involved in formulation, testing, manufacturing and marketing a health nutritional product are striving to conclude their efforts with the best possible product, quality related issues might occur. Any type of nonconformity related with improper packaging, mislabeling, color variation, capsule or tablet size, foreign object, potential contaminant presence, over or under filled container, potency, etc, can become subject to a complain. In serious situations these allegations will lead to a product recall.

For this reason, the following are strict requirements that would allow the parties that are behind the manufacturing and marketing of the Natural Health Products be in position to promptly and adequately respond to a situation of this kind.

AlphaGreen Resources Inc. will help you to establish:

  • Full traceability in all stages of the process, for all the raw materials and processing aids to the finished product and beyond.
  • SOP with regards to receiving, recording, handling and responding to a complaint
  • SOP with regards to an internal investigation procedure
  • SOP finish product recall
  • Quarantine raw materials & in process materials and finished goods
  • Mockup recall procedures


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