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Veterinary Health Products Notifications

Selling Veterinary Health Products in Canada Vitamins, minerals, traditional medicines and homeopathic for companion (pets) and food-producing animals are among the Veterinary Health Products (VHPs) in demand in Canada. Beginning November 13, 2017, VHPs must be notified to Health Canada:
  • Minimum 30 days prior to selling a VHP in Canada
  • Minimum 30 days prior to making changes to a VHP
  • Before importing a VHP into Canada
  • Obtaining a Notification Number (NN) The Veterinary Health Product Notification Program of Health Canada has set a flexible and risk-appropriate regulatory framework for VHPs that have a history of safe use. According to the program, to obtain a Notification Number,
    • A VHP application needs to be submitted to Health Canada.
    • All ingredients (active, or inactive) must be present in the Permitted Substances List (PSL).
    • If some ingredients are not included in the PSL, they must be added to the database prior to VHP application submission.
    VHP Notification fee The fee for a VHP Notification [subject to the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase, which is announced each fall] is $ 503 as of April 1, 2022 and $538 as of April 1, 2023. There is no required annual renewal for VHP notification.
    Veterinary Health Products Notifications

    Alphagreen Resources Inc. can help with:
    Our VHP regulatory officers assist in the preparation of VHP applications and ensure they comply with Health Canada regulations and that the VHP labels conform to all language requirements and labeling regulations



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